Ensure the footwear you choose includes the technical component for your environment.

Steel toe cap:

CE EN ISO Approved anti-rust steel toe cap tested to withstand impacts with a force of up to 200 Joules and compression of up to 1,500 kg.


composite Toe Cap:

Light in weight and metal-free, this protective toe cap is made of a composite material still offering 200 Joules of impact resistance. 


Puncture resistance steel-plate:

CE EN ISO Approved anti-rust steel insole that protects the foot from penetrations of sharp objects through the sole of the shoe; tested to withstand a penetration force of up to 1,100 Newton.


Puncture resistance non steel-plate:

Made from Kevlar multilayer polyester fabric, which is lighter than the steel plate, but still ensures the same resistance to penetration of elements through the sole.


Breathable inner mesh:

A wear-resistant fabric equipped with micro-fibre technology that provides the inner lining with the highest transpiration, breath-ability and anti-bacterial functionality. 


High performance inner sole:

Constructed with advanced memory foam for comfort and finished with anti-fungal lining, the biomechanical moulded profile provides relief and support in every step reducing fatigue and increasing the wellness of the feet, knees and back.